Hi readers, 

Today is the day that you will learn all the answers to the most common interview questionsthat the hiring managers want to hear from you ( nopeis not how is the quarantine going?). 

Have you ever wondered what exactly they want to hear when they ask, where do you see yourself in 5 years? and just to clarify something, they don’t want to listen “ well, hopefully married with 2 kids and rich’’.

They want to listen that you are excited about the position and what you will learn the coming years. That you are eager to become the best of what you do and that you want to develop and progress yourself in the hiring company. 

Moreover, another common interview question, that usually hiring managers ask at the beginning is “ Tell me about yourself”. I love red wine and pasta, if you were on a date that would be an amazing line, but now they interviewer wants to know your journey, your background, your experiences. Everything that brought you here today. 

 What is your greatest strength? (I twerk amazing, does it count?) Well, at this question you need to read the job description very well and answer with a skill that this job requires like communication skills or organization.  

Additionally, after the strength they are going to ask you for a weakness, we know you don’t have any but you need to find one and perfectionist doesn’t count tbh. Some good answers are that you could use more experience in (your part) or that sometimes you lack confidence or that you focus too much on the details.  

Next question could be “ Why should we hire you?’’ (because I am awesome obviously). You need to answer by highlighting your experience with a particular skill that the position requires. 

Because you can deliver exceptional results and that you will be a great asset for the team. Because you possess a combination of skills (name some) and experience that make you stand out.

Please, don’t make the mistake comparing yourself with other candidates like: “have you seen what they are wearing?” Or “I am better than them”. No, this shows to the interviewer lack of respect and the point is to make yourself stand out by show them your qualities not where the other candidates lose.  

 Finally, the hiring managers  ask very often why you want to work in this company (no, the canteen is not enough reason), you need to speak about your career goals and how this position fits into your plan. For instance, “I feel my experience and skills are particularly well – suited to this position because (well, we don’t know the position).  

 To sum up, before an interview you need to read very well and understand what the role requires and learn more about the company and it’s values. Show some motivation and enthusiasm and the job is yours.  You can see some tips for your CV and you can check all our available jobs here.