Thinking about relocating in Athens? Read below and you will find out why you need to pack your bags straight away.

Athens is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, mostly famous because of  its history. In the next paragraph, I am going to explain to you why I love my city so much and why you should consider thinking about relocating in Athens.

When you hear the word Athens, the first thing that comes to your mind is history, well it’s a lot more than that and I am going to explain to you why. I wake up every morning in the most sunny country, look at the clear sky and be grateful for that, say good morning to smiley people (even when there is nothing to smile about), and drink my frappe (google it).

Afterwards, I really enjoy going for a walk by the sea (it’s everywhere), feel the peacefulness and the serenity of the waves crashing, which is something that makes me feel alive. Of course, when it’s too cold (only 3 months every year) for this, I love to go for a walk at the small streets (sokakia) of the Athens center and watch people enjoying their lives (well, before Covid at least), the sense of freshness and the feeling of fullness rebirths my soul. No need to write about the amazing and tasteful food, where you can find whatever your stomach desires straight away, many options available for every pocket (Greek expression).

Additionally, how can I not mention the Taxi drivers? Yes, we don’t have Uber here, we believe that is better for our economy to support all the drivers equally. There is an alternative option of course, a much cheaper one, to choose public transportation; we have metro(underground), busses, tram, trains and even trolleys (how old are you again?).Furthermore, I am sure that you are aware of our amazing nightlife (used to have one), rooftop bars or not, with amazing cocktails and soda in case you don’t drink (scratch that), cafes that serve all day your amazing frappe or your espresso(ok) and clubs that besides bouzouki, are playing pop, rnb, hip hop and all the No1 hits from all over the world.

In case now, that you don’t want to go out (a big mood lately), you can stay at your apartment, yes we don’t usually share a house or a room in this country with a stranger, order your favorite food (no delivery fees) and watch a reality (I am sure you are familiar with this term).

Finally, it would be disrespectful, not to mention our Greek Gods, and I am not speaking about these guys million years ago, but from today. According to Statista (market data company), Greece is the second country, the first doesn’t count (Brazil), with the most good looking people (!!!!) Is that a suitcase that I am seeing? Come and live/work with us now! Build your CV and find all the available jobs here.