If you need  secret Santa gift ideas for Christmas 2020, start reading.

Oh well, it’s about that time of the year again. The most beautiful time of the year to be honest (we literally love Christmas).

The time that most of the people are not anxious anymore to reach the KPIs(Google it) but what gift they should buy for the Secret Santa (you must be joking) party. 

For that reason, we gathered for you some secret Santa gift ideas for Christmas 2020 (if they are not canceled).

For Christmas 2020- secret Santa gift ideas continue reading..

To start with, it would be unacceptable from us, not to list first the most loved item for 2020; a mask. The item that we love to hate but tbh it’s a practical (men love that), useful and in fashion gift.

You can chose a mask with Christmas designs like the ones here . If you want to make a good impression, you can buy a sanitizer gel and create the perfect gift set. You are welcome!

Now, if you are more conservative and you want to buy something that will last for ages (hopefully, Covid will not), let’s see some different but quite good ideas with a small budget- around 30euro.

First, lets make 2 catergories, secret Santa gift ideas for men and for women.

Men are such simple creatures, they don’t expect from you the most amazing, expensive, beautiful gift, they don’t even expect a present to be honest (they think that you are not either-LOL). But if you do buy them, go with something simple and practical, don’t fall into the trap buying something meaningful (they are not gonna make the association and you are going to be dissapointed). 

Some secret Santa gift ideas for men, could be a notebook (not the movie), a book (business or fiction), or some socks either for workout or for leisure (yes, they do seperate them).

Aditionally, some small gadgets would be a very good idea. For instanse, charging stands for all their devices or maybe a class subscription for some cookery classes and who knows, maybe you will benefit from that as well.

Now, if you want to buy a gift for someone under 18, stop reading, if you don’t, buy that whiskey. If he is a whiskey, gin, vodka, rum lover, consider getting him a set. 

Finally, the best gift that you could possibly ever buy to a man is a beer subscription. Giving him  a monthly or bimonthly delivery of six- packs of his favorite craft beer is a very unique gift and he is gonna love you( if he is your man at least, if not just take him cooling pint glasses).

On the other hand, women’s brains are wired differently and that’s why you need to forget what we said so far and start thinking what you will buy not if you will buy (don’t ever do that mistake!). Women’s even if they say they don’t want anything, do not ever trust them.

They do want a gift, is the ultimate pleasure to open it (something has to do with dopamine I guess). Now that we cleared this out, let’s see carefully the difficult part, what you should buy them. 

A woman wants pretty much everything that is beautiful, in fashion, luxury, elegant , meaningful or all of them together. If it’s your girl, please put your hand deep in your pockets and buy her something extravaganza (jewellery, shoes, dresses, a trip, etc.), if it’s not continue reading.

So, some small gift ideas for women could be a little candle that smells nice (Jo Malone has 20% off) or maybe a body moisturize (the brand above).

Moreover, a good idea for a gift, is a card holder (if its with your credit card in even better) or a makeup set (no, they are not all called glosses). 

Finally, the best gift idea (in a budget) for a woman is a spa day- massage day. A 3hour session with a sauna, jacuzzi and a whole body massage just for her. 

PS: if you don’t have someone to buy a gift or you are not waiting for someone to give you one, check all our available jobs, apply to the most suitable one and come to Greece, I am sure you will find one (philoxenia is a Greek word). More reasons of why you should consider relocate in Greece here.