In general, if you’ve spoken with people before, you basically know the fundamentals of social interaction and what to say/do and what not.. At least we hope so.., savages. 

This is a good time to be at your best and most polite behaviour (we all appreciate a happy face), although we thought we should mention some things to keep in mind to make the best impression possible.


Be punctual. Be sure you know the exact interview time

Be honest, you also don’t like to wait..


✔ Treat your interviewer with respect. Be kind and smile 🙂 

We are building trust here.


✔ If you do not understand a question, ask for clarification

It shows interest, not low IQ.


✔ Be serious but with positive vibes

We want them to want to work with us..


✔ Be sure that your internet connection is stable and check your microphone 

You can’t be smooth with your talking, if you are frozen.


✔ Find a quiet place for the interview process

*Motorcycle passing bye*


✔ Turn off your cell phone

Make them miss you for half an hour, it’s attractive


✔Try to “sell” your strengths and your personality traits

You know your strengths better than anyone, try to squeeze them into the conversation


✔Listen your interviewer and provide relevant answers

Be a good listener, show interest and give on point answers. They don’t want you to go on and on all day, but 


✔Write a thank-you letter to your interviewer promptly

If you’d like to go the extra mile, it’ll for sure be appreciated.


✔Show your motivation and be confident 

If you are unsure how to answer something, feel free to tell them that you would have to think or research the answer. Do not worry about being correct always, usually there isn’t only one correct answer


And some things to avoid:


✘ Do not make negative comments for your current or former employer

All your life you’ ve been taught not to lie, but now it’s the time to do so. Keep your opinion to yourself, because the interviewer might think they are the next victim of your  bad-mouthing.


✘ Do not persist on the salary and the extra benefits at the start of the interview

Control yourself people, we’ll get there..


✘ Do not smoke or chew a gum during the interview (in person or call)

It is called Savoir Vivre..


✘ Do not interrupt the interviewer

Wait 1-2 seconds before answering,to ensure that your interviewer has  finished posing his/her question.


✘ Do not mention experiences that are not related to the interview

Time is money, and lunch break is in 15 minutes.. 


✘ Do not give one or two word answers. Try your best to be descriptive

Are we playing Yes or No?


✘ Do not let your stress get you down

Deep breaths, you got this!