Searching for  a job in Covid- 19 days must be difficult, but not impossible.

Hunting for a career development during  the COVID-19 pandemic may feel like your own special version of “Groundhog Day:” Get in touch with your contacts, send Cv’s and cover letters, scour Speakit, LinkedIn…Go to sleep. Wake up. Repeat. (And no, you are not playing in a movie, it is your life.) On the bright side, some big companies are still hiring people. Read below what you need to do to get that job now. Find out all our available career opportunities.

For the foreseeable future, many job interviews will be through Skype. That means you need to make sure  that you look professional, from head to toe( you never know) and engaging on the video call by looking directly into the webcam and create an eye contact. You also need to strive to create an emotional connection with the interviewer with your smile and by making some nods, more often that you usually do. Also, it’s very important to use your hands to help you establish a real connection.

Additionally, believe it or not, Linkedln, often provides a hiring manager’s first impression of you. For that reason, you need to ensure that your profile looks professional enough and updated to stand out from the rest.

While job hunters have traditionally dreaded explaining gap time on their Cv’s, the cruel reality is many people will have gaps in 2020 –  “Due to today’s current environment, employers will be more mindful and understanding of resume gaps over the next two years,” notes of Amy Warner, director of talent acquisition at ICMS. When you’re asked about your gap time and how you filled it, be prepared to show to your interviewer that between the jobs, you tried to develop your knowledge with online courses and new certification(coursera,udemy). Finally, show to your interviewer that you are eager to learn new things and develop your skills through training. Follow us and you’ll never miss an update.