🎉  Your application got accepted!

🎉 The recruiters are impressed with your CV and skills, so now let’s skip to the fun part… The Interview!

And because we know these things can be stressful, relax.. we are here to help you prepare, in order to shine! We gathered some tips to guarantee your success 🙌

We’ll start with the before-the-interview preparation:

  • Research the company
    Search for information about the company and its culture. Do a mini stalking of their social media pages to find out about their values and culture.
  • Read carefully the job description
    You need to seem informed about the role you are being interviewed for. Τhe basics at least.. the job title.. the name of the company maybe? Of course there will be further elaboration from the recruiter 🙂
  • Prepare yourself for questions
    Stay tuned for the next blog post coming….We made a list 🙂
  • Think about your answers, to common interview questions
    We also have tips for the answers, cause that’s how thoughtful we are.
  • Do not stress out at all
    Because you might not have already thought about it, believe in yourself and remember….there is NO WRONG ANSWER (pretty much…)


Stay tuned for the next Speakit tips! 🙏