What are the benefits of searching for a job online? Furthermore, what are the pros and cons of popular job search websites?

We know you’re already excited to learn details about job search websites. But first, let’s start with some trendy questions about searching for a job online and yes you can find a job even during Covid- 19 pandemic.

Is it really possible to find a job online?

We can easily say yes! As Speakit, we placed hundreds of candidates in various positions in our first year and reached all of this number online. Not surprisingly, digital tools as our website, job search websites and Facebook Jobs were our biggest helpers in communicating with these candidates.

How can I find a job online?

Start by googling it. First of all, many companies promoting their job postings on Google. Besides this, you can see some websites often like Indeed, Glassdoor or Workable in Google search results. These sites are usually just publishers, so most of the job postings you see are owned by third parties. For this reason, don’t forget to check the reliability of the companies that you are sharing your information with.

Can I find a job on Facebook?

Yes, and this possibility is getting bigger every day. The number of companies that post their job postings on Facebook is increasing. Especially, if you are looking for an entry-level white or blue-collar job, you need to take a look at Facebook Jobs too.

Firstly, we’ve answered some basic questions about looking for a job online. Now, it’s time to check out the most popular European job search websites. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of popular job-seeking companies and their websites.


Indeed is the #1 website of Europe with millions of daily visitors. According to the information on their website, they have more than 10,000 global employees and in cooperation with many companies.

Here you can find the link of Indeed website.


-The most popular job search website in Europe

-A good amount of job posting

-Well-detailed search bar


-Different postings for the same positions

-Too many already filled job posts

-Low application responses


Glassdoor is one of the rising stars of the recruitment industry. That’s why, a Japanese firm, Recruit Holdings, acquired the company for US$1.2 billion in 2018. The biggest advantage of Glassdoor is the anonymous company reviews and salary estimates features. According to us, these differences are the most innovative developments in the recruitment industry of the past years. You can browse Glassdoor’s websites by using this link.


-Modern desktop and mobile interfaces

-Salary estimations

-Step-by-step user guides


-Deceptive anonymous comments


The world’s largest social media brand Facebook has been showing an interest in the recruitment industry for many years. This interest has resulted in major improvements in recruitment company pages and job postings on Facebook. Facebook Jobs has become one of the most used places among job seekers. In addition, we can not ignore the contribution of Facebook Ads in this development.


-User-friendly, fast application

-Ease of communication with the post publisher

-Does not require additional membership as long as you have a Facebook account


-Can’t search job by city

-Privacy problems for applicants


Workable, one of the new faces of job posting websites, has been helping job seekers since just 2012. However, they have already made a big difference among their competitors with modern interfaces, useful job application pages and technology investments. Can not help but notice, we are using Workable substructures too. You can touch here to see their website.


Modern interfaces

AI-powered candidate sourcing

Easy applications with LinkedIn & Google accounts


Slightly fewer job postings


Skywalker.gr is a local job search website working for the Greek recruitment industry. According to the information on their website, they have been operating since 1999 and are Greece’s first webpage for online job searching. In addition, the company organizes open and free seminars regularly to identify the characteristics of the recruiting industry in Greece.

You can visit skywalker.gr simply by tapping. But don’t forget to translate the site into English if you can not speak the Greek language.


-Nationwide database

-A high number of local job postings

-Training programs

-Free seminars


-Monolingual website (Greek)

-Non-user-friendly interfaces and application pages


Here is Kariera.gr with 4 Responsible Business Awards. They received all these awards for their sustainable development business actions in 2020. Moreover, Kariera continues to make a difference with their 500,000 monthly visitors. As the sum of all these, they are still the first example that comes to mind when it comes to a job search website in Greece.


-#1 website in Greece

-Huge local jobs database


-“Popular categories” tool


-Monolingual website (Greek)