The meanings of the words in the world of recruitment -1

What does recruitment mean in simple words?

Recruitment briefly refers to the action of finding new members to join an organization.

What are the states of the recruitment process?

Firstly, posting. The recruitment process starts with publishing the job post. Secondly, recruiters organize the applications and rate the candidates. Finally, candidates have an interview and take the job offer.

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What should I pay attention to in job descriptions?

First of all, you need to make sure that the job requirements suit you. In addition, it will be useful to double look at the salary, working days and shift hours.

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Should I be paid for training days?

Before everything, labour laws differ from country to country. But, nowadays, training days are charged like other working days.

What does on-the-job training mean?

On-the-job training is the most modern form of workplace education. Therefore, nowadays companies prefer to train their employees under the supervision of internal or external professionals, in the workplace and during working hours.

What are the differences between net salary and gross salary?

In simple words, the net salary is the amount left after deductions from your gross salary. Deductions will vary depending on the country you live in and the fee you receive.

What does the annual extra salary mean?

The annual extra salary refers to the thirteenth, fourteenth or other salaries of the year. This number will vary depending on the country you work in.

How many salaries do employees in Greece receive per year?

Employees in Greece receive 14 salaries annually.

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What are the types of employee benefits?

The most commonly known benefit type is medical benefits. In addition, monthly bonuses, retirement and disability benefits are also important.

What does relocation mean?

Relocation indicates the need for a change of city or country of residence.

What does the relocation package mean?

Basically, the relocation package expresses the extra advantages of the companies for the change of location. Companies offer some additional opportunities to their employees whenever they need a change of location. However, the relocation package may vary depending on the company and country of origin.

What are the essentials of a relocation package?

A typical relocation package usually covers the cost of travelling. However, a relocation package can include real estate costs, temporary accommodation, airport pickup and rental allowance too.

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