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Do the native language and the native-level language mean the same?

First of all, we can’t say that native-level has the same meaning as native. In fact, native-level means you use a language at a level close to the mother tongue, even if it is not your native language.

What is the exact level of near-native language?

As everybody knows, even mother-tongue speakers may not have proficiency at the level of C2. So, we can say that near-level speaking is starting from C1 level.

What is the basic proficiency in a language?

Basic proficiency in language means oral and written communication skills at the beginner level. For this reason, it refers to have basic grammar knowledge, the ability to use simple phrases and finally enough vocabulary knowledge for daily conversations.

What is the exact level of fluent language?

We can say that the fluent language starts at the B2 level of a language.

How can I find out what my language level is?

You can find out your language level through free or paid online tests. You can also make interviews with language educators or professional exams.

HR department required a document proving my language level, what should I do?

Firstly, there are many ways to learn your language level but the fastest (and the cheapest) way is online tests. But, don’t forget to contact the company and ask for valid document types if you couldn’t find an indication.

Can I find a job with my language skills?

Yes, you can! Language teaching and interpreting are among the most preferred jobs for those with language skills. And, if you do not have any training or experience, it is also possible to find entry-level jobs in call centers or sales departments.

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Is it possible to move to a different country with language skills?

Definitely yes! There are a lot of companies who are looking for native-level speakers to relocate and work on customer support lines. Besides, these companies provide many benefits in relocation. As a result, we can say, call centers are one of the easiest methods of relocation.

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