Living in the second largest city in Greece -Thessaloniki is ideal. Modern architecture, stunning beaches, byzantine churches, crumbling ruins and intense nightlife- this is the essence of Thessaloniki. Salonika (famous nickname), is the capital of frappe (read the Athens guide) and gyros(the most well known food in Greece). The best place to find the above is Ladadika str. (we wrote a whole song for this Str.).

However, if you are a dessert junky like me (dessert goes to the heart), you should go to Tsimiski str.  and try the amazing Easter sweet bread with chocolate and chestnut from Tenkerli (no paid ad, just a huge fan). Just a heads up, don’t be surprised if you see as you pass by, people with extravaganza outfits (no, they are not dressed up from the night before), they just enjoy taking care of themselves.

However, if you prefer an alternative way of living, I would suggest trying Navarinou str., many cafes and restaurants with low prices.Indubitably the most famous monument in Thessaloniki and the trademark of the city, the White Tower, located along the waterfront of Greece’s second city, stands tall. I would suggest taking your bicycle (if you are a fit person not like us tbh) and enjoy the mediterranean weather.

Finally, it would be a mistake on my part, not to mention that it is the home both to the Thessaloniki Film Festival and the International Trade Fair and host to many cultural events as well. To sum up, Thessaloniki is one of the best places to live a quality life (quality over quantity always) and as we already said, living in the second largest city in Greece- Thessaloniki is ideal! Pack your bags and come join us.